Hello! Below is a summary of my work, personal pursuits, and passion over the years. I’ll be honored to collaborate with you. I am also into change and innovations so if you are ready to explore and get out of your comfort zone, I am here to support you.

Specialization (corporate)

  • Program and change management 
  • Policy development
  • Knowledge management, communications, PR & marketing
  • Capacity development (coaching, curriculum development, and training)

International experience

Philippines (country of origin), US (thru online work), Bangladesh, and Cambodia. 

Other skills and gifts (personal and spiritual)

Current roles:


Previous roles and accomplishments (selected):

  • Advocate of green growth and sustainable and resilient cities
  • In-country Project Manager of Private Markets for Climate Resilience (PMCR), a project funded by Inter-American Development Bank and Nordic Development Fund (hosted in the Philippines by the OML Center)
  • Project Coordinator of Integrated Environmental Strategies Philippines—a USAID-supported project of the Manila Observatory—which involved comprehensive analysis of different policy scenarios in the transportation sector (with focus on Metro Manila). The different levels of analysis included modeling, cost-benefit analysis, and health and economic impact valuation 
  • Trained in and assigned to conduct the field works (including collection of air samples) for a one-year air quality monitoring project using US EPA’s Compendium Method TO-15 (through Summa® Canister sampling system). 
  • KM specialist for the Asian Development Bank TA 7257 PHI: PPP in Health from 2011 to 2013. While with the TA, I was also assigned as the Events Manager of PPP in Health Manila 2012, possibly the first-ever conference on PPP in health, which was hosted by ADB and attended by more than 200 delegates. 
  • I have authored and co-authored numerous publications, the latest of which are guidebooks on public-private partnerships in health (by ADB, 2013) and guidebooks on sustainable sanitation (by the Department of Health and World Bank, 2010). Please go here for a Google Scholar listing of some of my published/authored works.
  • Provided technical support to Philippine Senators and cabinet members, including the Secretaries of Health and the Environment and Natural Resources
  • Together with former DoH Secretary Jaime Galvez-Tan, I served as technical consultant for Enhancing Public-Private-People Partnerships (P4) to Implement Activities towards Post-Yolanda Health System Strengthening, a program of DOH with support from WHO.
  • I’m currently developing a feasibility study for El Rio Bamboo, envisioned to become the Philippines’ (if not the world’s) 100%-renewable energy-reliant bamboo production hub.


Some of my published books, articles, and reports are in my Google Scholar.

Interests and hobbies:

I enjoy painting, reading, writing, calligraphy, and photography. Let’s collaborate and co-create, shall we?