How may I support you? Let’s co-create, find solutions, and break barriers together. I’m all for innovation, for thinking not just outside the box but changing the box!

Below are areas where we can work together in attaining your personal-spiritual and business-professional goals. (I do not usually separate between “personal-spiritual” and “business-professional” because our human-divine experience is never a stand-alone experience, right? We are multifaceted beings–a beautiful part of multiverses–and that means, what we do in our business and professional live should is anchored in and intertwined with who we are inside. But human beings love categorizing and defining things….and so you get the drift!)

What are you waiting for – let’s rock and manifest together!


Project/program development and management

I have earned a master’s degree in environment and natural resources management (MENRM) and can design and manage programs and projects in the following areas/sectors: environment, climate change, transportation/mobility, energy, agriculture, and social development (especially health and PPP in health).

Knowledge management, web development, and marketing

I believe that knowledge is an important asset in all organizations. I can develop knowledge products and execute marketing campaigns. Experiencing ‘drought’ in the creative department? I can help your team get the creative juices flowing again. I can also develop/author books, proposals, blog/websites*, profiles, newsletters, media releases, and other collaterals that need to be authentically attuned to your needs and target audience.

You can visit this page for some of my book projects.

Policy work and legislation

I am passionate about the importance of laws and regulations. Countries /societies need not just good laws but also effective implementation. I can draft, review, and evaluate organizational, local, and national laws/policies.

Establishment of integrity desk

Aspiring to deepen organizational awareness and employee protection related to integrity and transparency? Understanding that abuse of power, violation of laws, fraud, theft, embezzlement, or corruption (including bribery) are difficult to address because of fear (from reprisal/ retribution or retaliation), misuse/abuse/circumvention of laws, availability and willingness of lawyers and accountants (with their firms) who are willing to circumvent or creatively “interpret” the laws, many choose to keep quiet or simply leave/resign. If you are deeply committed to evolving an ethical and high-integrity culture, I can also help you establish an integrity desk in your organization.

Capacity development

With my multi-sectoral background and holistic approach in training and coaching, I can develop and execute focused training programs and retreats for your organization and personnel. Going through my own difficulties has also equipped me with a profound understanding of the intricacies of life’s journey so I am intuitively attuned to develop and execute one-on-one coaching /mentorship programs for your upcoming and senior executives.

SOUL WORK (may be customized for group/corporate needs, too)

Gaia + Soul coaching and retreats

With my integrated background in environmental work and intuitive personal-spiritual work, I can help you and your organization in deepening Gaia and soul consciousness through group workshops and retreats. Note than an ecologically-conscious workforce leads to a culture of accountability and efficiency (e.g., less wastage, reduction in use of electricity, etc.)

Interested to collab? Please proceed to my Setmore page.

Empowerment coaching

Feeing in a rut in your career or even personal life? I can hold your hands through a one-on-one (or with a buddy/partner) empowerment mentoring and coaching program. I am not going to give you a “magic formula.” There is no such a thing. The “magic” is inside you. We will work together–keeping your uniqueness in mind–and soon celebrate the empowered you, one day at a time.

We are also all here to co-create. Whatever your mission is, you need to step into your own power. Your co-creation journey begins with embracing all that you are–darkness and light. Through this program, you will go through an empowering healing journey (customized based on your needs), coming out braver and bolder to carve your place, co-create, inspire, and speak up.

Ready to step up? Please book me through my Setmore page.

Intuitive energy healing (based on Pranic and/or Reiki healing)

My approach in energy healing is mostly intuitive. I had trained in Pranic (basic course) and Reiki healing (Master level). This approach is anchored on the realization that the Divine is within us and the gift of healing (channeling) is for everyone, including you. We are all channelers of love and healing because the Divine is within and omnipresent.

I love to offer my services at a minimal energy exchange of USD11 /PhP 533 per session/request (for a limited time only).

As COVID-19 prevents us from leaving our homes, we can do distance healing. You may send me your or your loved one’s name, picture, location, and areas needing healing/clearing. If cost is a concern, please reach out. I will not allow money to become a hindrance to your intention to experience a session. Please contact me through my Instagram account. Booking may also be done through my Setmore page.

Runic divination

Dealing with a lingering question or simply needs guidance? I offer readings using Runes card (which I handmade/sketched more than 20 years ago). The energy exchange is listed below:

  • One question – $8 / PhP388
  • Two questions – $11 / PhP533
  • Comprehensive reading – $ 33 / PhP1,599

Details of my Runic divination service is in this post. I’ll be humbled to support you. You may book my service through my Setmore page. Again, if cost is a concern, please reach out. I will not allow money to become a hindrance to your intention to experience a reading.

Art /photographic prints and mandala art work

Dreaming of printed photo/art works or mandala painting to improve your home’s or office’s interiors? I am selling my framed photography and painting/sketching works through and later, via One Mandala (by Anna’s Trees & Innovations). You can also browse through my Instagram account (or click Gallery here) and pick your favorite/s. I’ll be happy to frame and ship them to your home. I can also paint a mandala directly on your wall! Pricing for art prints is listed below. [Full disclosure: I do not personally own GoodyBox but I am related to its owners.]

Other sizing may be arranged so please contact GoodyBox directly. Thanks!
Other sizing may be arranged so please contact GoodyBox directly. Thanks!

*Using WordPress as CMS only. It is understood that your web server/host has installed WordPress already. My services will already include conceptualization, writing, and editing (of your site’s launch materials) but will not include graphic and advanced IT works and/or maintenance. If you require graphic and other IT (incl. programming/coding) and maintenance works, I can also propose to include the services of a trusted graphic designer, whose fees maybe treated separately or included in our agreement/contract.

IMPORTANT NOTE on contracting: In the interest of fairness, good will, and integrity, I and/or my team mates (if applicable) will be able to begin any work/assignment only upon signing of a notarized contract/agreement. Depending on assignment, a mobilization fee of 10-20% will be typically required. Thank you for understanding!

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