How may I support you? Let’s co-create, find solutions, and break barriers together. I’m all for innovation, for thinking not just outside the box but changing the box!

Below are areas where we can work together in attaining your personal and business goals. Let’s rock and manifest together!

Project development and management

I have earned a master’s degree in environment and natural resources management (MENRM) and I can design and manage projects in the following areas/sectors: environment, climate change, transportation/mobility, energy, agriculture, and social development (especially health and PPP in health).

Knowledge management and marketing

I believe that knowledge is an important asset in all organizations. I can develop knowledge products and execute marketing campaigns. Experiencing ‘drought’ in the creative department? I can help your team get the creative juices flowing again. I can also develop proposals, profiles, newsletters, media releases, and other collaterals that need to be authentically attuned to your needs and target audience.

Policy work and legislation

I am passionate about the importance of laws and regulations. Countries /societies need not just good laws but also effective implementation. I can draft, review, and critique organizational, local, and national laws/policies.

Capacity development

With my multi-sectoral background and holistic approach in training and coaching, I can develop and execute focused training programs and retreats for your organization and personnel. Going through my own difficulties has also equipped me with a profound understanding of the intricacies of life’s journey so I am intuitively attuned to develop and execute one-on-one coaching /mentorship programs for your upcoming and senior executives.

Gaia + Soul coaching and retreats

With my integrated background in environmental work and deep personal-spiritual work, I can help you and your organization in deepening Gaia and soul consciousness through one-on-one coaching or group workshops and retreats. Note than an ecologically-conscious workforce leads to efficiency (e.g., less wastage, reduction in use of electricity, etc.)

Co-creative and intuitive healing

We are all here to co-create. Whatever your mission is, you need to step into your own power. Your co-creation journey begins with embracing all that you are–darkness and light. This healing modality is developed anchored on the realization that the Divine is within us and the gift of healing is for everyone, including you. We are all healers because the Divine is within. Through this modality, you will go through an empowering healing journey (customized based on your needs), coming out braver and bolder to carve your place, co-create, inspire, and speak up.