Hello, beautiful soul.

I thank the Universe for bringing you here. It means that our souls need to meet at this point in our journey.

Are you ready to celebrate your gifts and ascend to your highest self? Let’s do it together.

The dark night of the soul

It’s not going to be easy. I, too, had my own “dark night of the soul”, and while they did not break me, they brought me to a place of doubts and fears.

Stop trying to fit in. [Image by Eternal.Knowledge]

The darkest night among them all, I began to think that I was “odd”. That I did not fit in. Have you experienced mustering enough courage to speak about integrity and accountability only to be shamed and called names?

I found my voice to defend the dignity of our flag but, sadly, it’s as if our society is not truly ready to deal with the hard truths. I ended up being  described as a mere disruptor (in its negative context): that I was simply creating chaos. I was also described as “expecting utopia”, as if living a life of integrity is no longer the norm. That good men are not real anymore. That people who expect fairness, truth, honor, respect, and integrity are weirdos.

In the darkness, one can see the Light

It was one of the saddest moments in my life. It was painful when even your friends got scared, too. However, face-to-face with the pains and loneliness, I found the light again (which never truly leaves).

The path of courage is sometimes lonely. However, it also allows us to grow and fly. We are inspired to move forward, believing that we had been placed in specific situations so that the wrongs will be corrected. No matter if we had been left alone, truth and justice must still be fought hard for. We should also create a society where every person is seen and heard. We could be the voice for others; even if it were the only remaining voice in a room of silence (and fear).

A non-discriminating and non-separate God

We are called to take a part in humanity’s ascension. That begins with embracing both our humanity and divinity. There is a loving and non-discriminating God-goddess-divine who is our Spirit’s source. S/he is inside us (or better yet, we are inside him/her as s/he is inside us). I believe in that oneness; and in the goodness of all creations, in the intangible things that truly matter–love, compassion, hope, kindness, justice, and respect. All of which are possible in a society that still upholds integrity and authenticity.

And so, we continue to walk this path. Even if it is tough. Or lonely. Even if it means we will still be treated as outcasts, or worse, described as weirdos.

Choosing the path less travelled

It could be a lonely road. But the misjudgement is worth it if we know that we are able to help bring up children who will grow up knowing what is right or wrong and live up expecting the best from themselves.

We have great dreams for our society. We all want less children on the streets and more in schools. We want better leaders and politicians. Although many of us personally enjoy working/living abroad and embracing new cultures, we all want more jobs for our people here, not elsewhere. We want lesser traffic and cleaner air. We want lesser reliance on fossil fuels and more on renewable energies. And most likely, you also agree that we need lesser number of beauty contests but more competitions in arts, literature, Math, and Sciences.

Where we are is where we could help

And so, let’s work together. There is a mission to be fulfilled here on Mother Earth, our beloved Gaia, as we journey through ascension. You have your own mission as I have mine. Even if our paths are not the same, we have the same accountabilities.

We can choose a path that honors Gaia and this is the same path that brings us in union with Spirit and divine consciousness. Each will find his own path–it can be teaching, painting, singing, or healing. Our mission–which allows us to serve the collective–is not a separate act from our divine self. The one who serves in the physical body is just a small part of the same soul-being who lives in different timelines and multiverses. To be human is to be divine.

You are an infinite being. But you are also that beautiful person in the here and now. As I am here, too.

Let’s treasure the gift of life. The ability to be present. You are your own Queen or King. As I am.

Being the change that we want

Let’s come up with clear solutions rather than rant mindlessly.

I must confess though. I used to be a hard-core leftist activist, too. The type who never runs out of complaints against the establishment. Come hell or high water, I will always look for something to complain about. Back then, for me, the establishment is always incompetent.

I embrace that part of me in the past because it indeed taught me a lot in understanding poverty and social inequality. However, I realized later, true activism is anchored on genuine personal transformation. There is no escaping it. This is indeed true: if we want change to happen, we should let it begin in us. In you and me.

Celebrating art and our body’s natural ability to heal

And how do we transform ourselves? There is no fixed formula but a good step is living a full life. Live. Travel the world. Commune with nature. And the stars. Learn from mistakes. Forgive yourself and others. Heal. Experience love. Heartaches. Art.

And what is life without art? Don’t forget, you are a cocreator.

Let art, literature, culture, and languages fascinate you.

I enjoy traveling and had been blessed with the chances to live and work in Bangladesh and Cambodia. I am in awe of the beauty and mystery of this world, the works of talented artisans and authors, and heritage structures and temples.

I believe in energy healing and the body’s natural ability to heal. I had trained in Pranic Healing, Reiki (Usui System), and Swedish massage therapy. I intuitively use crystals, plants/herbs, body movements (yoga/dance), and music during those rare times that hubby and I will have minor health issues.

One time, while traveling through a train in Japan, a co-delegate in a conference had an extreme stomach ache. He was like wanting to cry already. It was not yet near the next station so I intuitively placed my hand over his tummy and prayed. The next thing we knew, all the pains were gone. Just like magic.

Stepping into our own power

I don’t know what really happened but I knew there is a great and loving power within and that we can always tap into it if we needed healing. But I’m not your miracle worker.

Remember, YOU are YOUR own miracle worker. I can share recipes but you are the chef. You can add your own ingredients and spices, modify the “how to’s”, and adjust to taste. In this divine kitchen, everyone is an artist and you are free to create your own masterpiece: YOUR LIFE!

Time is precious, my beloved. Live in the NOW. Be present. Be mindful. Attain your highest potential.

I am saying this so you will remember. You are a powerful being; a co-creator. You are from the Divine Source.

All you need to do is wake up and step into your power.

Blessed be, beautiful soul. Namaste!

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10 thoughts on “My story, our journey”

  1. nice work you got here Mei, yes, indeed Germany and Cambodia are sure nice places to visit. been there too several times and really like them. wish that you could also promote our society, to the blogging community.

    write on and show those pictures! you’re truly blest with artistic talents.


  2. wonderful articles Mei. You write very well. May I invite you to be a guest writer on my upcoming blog on business and the environment – to be launched on Earth Day?

    1. Wow, thanks Sec Vince! Yes, I will be honored to be one of your guest writers! 🙂 Please give me a deadline or suggested topic, if any. 🙂 Happy for you! I will be your regular reader. Have fun blogging!

    1. Oh this is so sweet and thoughtful! Thank you so much, Mr. Smith! I am so honored and humbled that you visited my site. As we know in our hearts, our talents are all from our Greatest Source–we are just the medium. So yes, all credits go to Him! I am blessed that our paths crossed in cyberspace. Perhaps, there is a message somewhere. 🙂 I pray for you as you continue to share your blessings and wisdom! Thanks so much from all you’ve touched!

  3. Hi Ma’am Mei,

    I am Fides Anne J. Molina,former administrative assistant at the Sustainable Sanitation in East Asia (SuSEA) project at Coffey International Development. It’s my first time to visit your site. The articles you’ve wrote are nice. For me, the article that i appreciate most is the article about the health and wellness/the benefits of bananas.

    1. Hello Fides! I am so happy to hear from you! Thank you so much for those very kind words. I am full of gratitude. I hope you are doing well! Yes, eat more bananas! 🙂 Kamote is also very good. I am trying to substitute kamote for rice now and so far, I am really satisfied and don’t really miss rice so much! 🙂 Take care and enjoy your weekend! God bless you always!

  4. Ma’am, your welcome po. I already tried eating kamote once. But, i missed eating rice. Hehehe. Since my current job is a combination of physical and mental tasks, i need to eat more rice so that i can regain my energy. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, sis! I feel so blessed that we met, too. (Hugs!) And I hope to meet you in the flesh one of these days. Thank you also for initiating “Sisters of Revolution”. I am with you. It’s about time that we gather our Spirit kin/family.

      Together, we rise and shine, my beloved sis. Love and blessings!

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