I pray that you are doing well in these challenging times, my beloved.

I feel the collective’s growing anxieties but that, also, I see a lot of growth. Carry on! You are not alone.

The past months (actually, the past year) had been immensely challenging for me as well but, serendipitously, I also have more clarity. I think this is happening to many of us. In my circles (including within my sisterhood in Instagram), I celebrate the growth of fellow seekers and wanderers—surely, all of us evolving into beautiful butterflies!

Please carry on! Do not give up! The caterpillar is waiting, growing, for its chance to someday fly!

As we dive deeper, it’s simply wonderful to rely upon the support of our friends, family, and circles and if you need help with some lingering questions, I am here.

For so long, I have stopped myself from sharing my intuitive gifts. I worried that my colleagues will think of me as “too deep” or worse, “crazy”. I work in the consulting business and so, the “operational words” are mostly about business/economics, politics, the environment, sustainability, and climate change. No one really talks about spirituality or ascension or mindfulness. (It’s not wrong nor am I complaining. It’s just how it is. We humans always want to compartmentalize things!)

But 2020 happened. I think this is the universe’s way of telling me, “It is time.”

And so, with humility and deep sense of service, I am announcing my divination services using Runes deck–which I handmade/sketched more than 20 years ago (although the mandala on the edges had been designed only recently). And so, the deck itself is a part of a personal journey, borne from the pure LOVE and magick of God-divine-universe.

Runes had been estimated to be more than 2000 years old although an article I once read said it is “pre-existing and eternal.” I had that feeling, too, the first time I encountered them. They were both familiar and mysterious. While they had been used as a way to communicate, historians say the Runes are not just letters or alphabets. They are means to connect to the divine, to seek answers. Thankfully, the tradition of using them for magickal and divination purposes had lived on. No matter who is right as to their true origins, one thing remains: the wisdom of our ancestors will find meaning in our time and current realities if we go deep down and seek them from the heart. After all, time is relative.

Why are mystics, healers, and seekers attracted to Runes? I think it is because of their simplicity and clarity. With Runes, one can say, “it is what it is.” There is no room for guessing. Compared with other oracles and tools, Runes are more direct to the point. (See a sample reading below.) While it is still important to contextualize answers in your situation (after all, you don’t have to tell me your questions or struggles), Runes’ message is, oftentimes, if not always, “crystal clear.”

If you feel that you are guided here to seek answers, the energy exchange is below:

  • One question – $8 / PhP388
  • Two questions – $11 / PhP533
  • Comprehensive reading – $ 33 / PhP1,599

If I am intuitively guided to do so, I will also use crystals and pendulum to seek more clarity. Usually, this is not necessary (because Runes are really very direct to the point!). Nevertheless, every situation and question is unique so I will allow the divine to guide me. (A Tibetan music bowl will be played, too, before I do my reading for your specific question/issue.)

Again, there is no “magic formula”–divination tools like Runes, tarot, and crystals should not make you forget that the magic is inside you. Our God-source and Spirit guides are only here to assist us. The meaning of “signs” and final decision are entirely up to us. Please always use your own discernment, too.

For the questions, I will also discourage a question with a simple “yes” or “no” answer because that will already deprive you of the opportunity to really look deeply into what the Runes are saying. While Runes are oftentimes crystal-clear, life is certainly not a simple yes or no kind of thing.

For the comprehensive reading, you may wish to share your current struggles (optional) and we will allow the Rune cards to show us the directions that you need. I can also do a comprehensive reading even without you telling me your situation or struggles. For this intuitive approach, please let me know if you want us to focus on specific areas such as your current relationship/marriage, career/business, or family/personal matters.

A sample short reading (one question) is below.

My beloved, as I end this post, I send you immense love and peace of mind. May you continue to experience bliss, abundance, and empowerment.


Disclaimer: This service does not provide medical, legal, or financial advice. It is intended as a potentially helpful tool for spiritual /personal discernment only. It is not a substitute for professional legal, financial, and medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please do not ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of the results of your reading or what you read in this site.

Laguz (water) – We are urged to go with the flow

Laguz (water, lake, or ocean) reminds us to go with the flow of life. If we want to grow and flourish, we need not rush because life has its own rhythm.

Feeling stuck right now? Do not be sad or disappointed. Everything that happens has a special message. Laguz also reminds us to appreciate water. Therefore, drink up, go to a river or a beach, and simply swim or experience being one with the water. Just immerse into the experience (literally and figuratively).

This is also a reminder for us to take care of our body and health. A deeper meaning is about our spiritual gifts. We are invited to understand our dreams and emotions, allowing us to intuit more toward renewal and growth.

May the message of Laguz assist you in this time of growth and renewal.

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