Anna’s Trees is not just a business; it is a commitment to contribute—no matter how small or impossible it may seem—to nation-building by rooting and nurturing the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Anna’s Trees is the proposed mother group (the “core seed”, if one may call it), which holds our four initiatives together:  

Integrity Institute is the first seed that ignited the dream for Anna’s Trees. It is seeding from a land where corruption is slowly eating into the fiber of our humanity and society. It’s a bold step, a strong voice, a commitment for a better and high-integrity tomorrow–our shared future. Get to know more about Integrity Institute here.

El Rio Bamboo is planned to be the core resource for Anna’s Trees and envisioned to be a world-class and off-grid sustainable bamboo plantation, resort-observatory, and low-density villas bordering the clean and beautiful Diaman River in Barangay Debucao, Maria Aurora, province of Aurora. El Rio Bamboo celebrates the river of life, the love of and for a mother, and the ever-flowing gift of sacredness that is present in all things and creations.

InnoveGreenLab recognizes the urgency of moving the country toward more effective solutions and innovations in climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience. This initiative aims to conceptualize, design, invent/develop, prototype, test, sell, and export innovative machinery, system, equipment, and processes that are deemed useful for people, businesses, and governments to adapt to or mitigate impacts of climate change.

One Mandala recognizes that any business endeavour—if we are to rebuild our nation from a culture of integrity—should always consider the society at large and that it should inspire, educate, and become a venue for the sharing and promotion/marketing of inspirational, creative, nationalistic, and artistic materials. Through One Mandala we shall carry the business as proprietors and publishers of books, magazines, art prints, or other literary works and undertakings. It shall also promote and instill in the minds of the youth the life, legacy, and sacrifices of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, through art and literary works, installations, and Jose’s Credo, a dedicated space/lounge in El Rio Bamboo where his philosophy, writings, and works may be read and appreciated. (Note: Due to SEC restrictions on trade names, 19 Komorebi was renamed as One Mandala. The brand/trademark and logo of 19 Komorebi–which we will carry in some of our products–will instead be registered with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.)

Anna’s Trees cannot grow into a beautiful forest without the support of everyone—including you and me—all of us who believe that there is hope in tomorrow but that the future is largely dependent on how we live, work, and make decisions in our lives today. Corruption is slowly eating into the deepest core of our nationhood and our soul as individuals. We cannot just sit here and pretend that everything will be ok. Covid-19, for one, has shaken our lives and revealed questions that we may have relegated to the back burner. Today, as we begin 2021, we are again asked,

What is our mission?

What and whom are we living for?

What is the legacy that we want to leave for our children?

What can we do now in order to build that future that we want?

We are not perfect beings and we do not aspire to be. However, with all our imperfections, the love that created us is perfect and that perfection allows is to dream, co-create together, and flourish.

We only have ONE country and ONE flag. ANNA’s Trees will hopefully become a platform for the re-igniting of the LOVE for COUNTRY—which will ultimately make it possible for all of us to nurture the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, those who embody integrity, honesty, compassion, pagmamalasakit, and honor.

Our Commitment:

We believe in the goodness and abundance of God—who does his Mission through his children—like you and me. Our talents and the works of our Hands all come from this Source. We are not perfect but his Love is. And so, with this Perfect Love, we commit to be:

  • Responsible STEWARDS, knowing that the lands where we build and nurture is a Gift of Life in itself;
  • Honest and fair ENTREPRENEURS, embracing our partners—from our investors to our farmers—as parts of ourselves, because their success is ours, too;
  • Creative and innovative LEARNERS, celebrating curiosity for it is the well of invention and innovation;
  • Inspiring MENTORS, growing from the mistakes and inspiring others and our team not just to be bold and daring but also to create ripples of goodness and authenticity; and
  • Humble SERVANTS, because we are grounded to the Earth, which nourishes our roots so we can offer hope and refuge.

Your TRUST and DREAM, more than your investment, are what keeps our spirits burning.

Come, help us seed, root, and nurture ANNA’S TREES… which is also intertwined with your story of hope for tomorrow.

GRATITUDE shoutout for Weremote Philippines for welcoming us in their beautiful space as we seed Anna’s Trees. If you are looking for coworking spaces and virtual offices, Weremote is the best that we have serendipitously discovered in this part of the world! [This is not a paid post, just an honest-to-goodness appreciation of kind ‘strangers’ who are ready to go the extra mile to support startups. We mean this from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you so much, Weremote Team!]

Dr. Jose Rizal brought us here. We couldn’t have found a better office.
[And don’t forget, there’s a hero inside of you.]