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Hello, beautiful soul.

Thank you for the gift of your visit and welcome to M [E] I L B O X!

This site invites you to a journey of empowerment. You are an extraordinary person and you cannot allow anyone to put you in a box that is not meant for you. Think of the great thinkers [e.g., Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, etc.] and you will remember that by refusing to be ordinary, they were able to reach their highest potential.

And so, the next time someone tells you, “You are too much,” walk away, embrace yourself, and continue walking the path of truth and integrity. Of course, you are “too much” for people who have not yet awakened [or refused to be awakened].

Stop feeling small. Stop worrying about how others think of you. Stop playing second fiddle. You are the bomb! You are a beautiful multidimensional being–both human and divine.

Walk away from conformity. It is mediocre. Boring with capital B.

I am not saying that everyone should not conform. Each person is unique. While all of us should always strive to attain a balance, some of us are meant to be leaders while others, followers. The point is to always dance to your own music. Let your soul rise. Do your own thing with pride and passion.

But please remember this–empowerment is not equivalent to bad manners. Toot your own horn but never disrespect, become hostile, or call people names (like call them “fakes” if they do not agree with your opinions). They just tell you what it is. A spade is a spade, baby. Authenticity requires that we be honest with our feelings and opinions but never going the low vibe. Let’s smart up but remain respectful.

With this site’s renovation is also a decision to carry my voice more, to hold your hands as you also deal with pains of awakening and personal evolution. While I had shared discourses on environment and social development in the past (and will still continue to do so)–this time, I would like to attain more clarity on how our spiritual journey (some would call it soul ascension) takes off from and is intertwined with us honoring Gaia, our beloved Mother Earth.

After all, we still live in the 3D and while I would rather “go home” to 5D, I know we have a special mission here. I get high with woo-woo stuffs but it is not all woo-woo. I’d rather that we do not put any label to it though. It is more important that our Spirit guides us to the truth and our highest possibilities.

There is no perfect formula. Your path could be different from mine. But we could get there together.

Let’s be kind, compassionate, and loving human beings. But also, let’s respect boundaries. A “no” is a “no” (not maybe). I am all for love and light but treat me like shit and I’m your badass queen even Yoda worries about. [Ok, we can laugh together, too.]

Dear one, M [E] I L B O X is half full and I’m ready to receive more. Are you? Have a beautiful life! Namaste!

Be the light,


About the domain name: I have played around with my nickname, Mei, and the word mailbox. I love writing letters and so I hope to inspire you to continue the art of letter-writing using your old, trusty pen and a clean and crisp paper that smells of home–where love and joys are bountiful.

Photo credits: Art by Daniel dela Cruz. Image by Mei Velas-Suarin.

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