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I won the lotto

Time to blog again! I have a not-so-good news to share. (As if I have a lot of followers…haha…wishful thinking). Some two weeks ago, I got the news from Pilipinas Bulletin’s (PB) publisher that he’s ‘transferring’ the management of the transrail newspaper to another group. I will no longer give the details but, yes, I lost my 1-month old column, “Good News Express” as of August 29. How ironical! It’s supposed to be “good news”, right? :)

I love Philippine coffee!

Anyway, life goes on. I sure hope that I will be able to continue this column in another newspaper or even magazine. I think this country needs more good news! I may no longer have the PB column anymore but hey, I still have this blog! So here are some bits of good news (at least in my little circle) for today –

1. Hubby, a friend, and I went to this cozy café called Cocina Juan, in 100 Maginahawa Street, Teachers Village. The tacos we ordered were so yummy! They also serve hot tea in tall pitchers, not just in tiny teapots! Our friend ordered Chamomile tea and he shared it with us. It was also good-tasting. Check out the place! Latin American-inspired cuisine but the food still tastes very Pinoy! After all, Latin American culture is very close to home. By the way, wi-fi in Cocina is free (but if I were you, leave the laptop at home and just enjoy the night away chatting with dear friends).

2. Hubby and I realized that it’s been 8 months since we last had a TV (back in Cambodia) and it felt good and refreshing that we actually did not miss having one! Back when I was still in Manila last 2007 (before my sojourn in Cambodia), I actually had two TV sets which I rarely used. It was easy to sell them at cheap prices when I organized a “garage sale” before my trip. Now that I am back in Manila, it feels strange not to have one when friends will text me to “Please watch this show ha…” but on one hand, it is such a relief to have more bonding time with hubby rather than being glued on TV while eating dinner (something we did in Cambodia but it felt different then because we were away and it was nice to watch TFC and be able to have bits of news and telenovelas from home).

3. Two things made me sad today but after the sadness bout, I immersed myself in work and realized that it’s really therapeutic to just be quiet and work! And then, hubby hugged me real tight! Ahhh, it’s true. Problems will always come and go but the steady and unselfish love of our partners and friends will always be that permanent “home” where we can cry our whole hearts out and feel safe again.

4. I am back to my no-rice-dinner diet! Yipee! I am a true-blue rice lover and this is a tough one but hey, I don’t really feel so deprived now because my green salads really taste so yummy…of course, courtesy of my “personal chef.” (Email me for those interested to get the ‘secret’ to make your green salad less boring.)

5. After days of non-stop raining, the night skies have shown big bright stars again!

6. A dear friend gave me pasalubong from Baguio (about three days ago) and guess what it is? Cordillera’s coffee, Hazelnut blend! One of my favorite coffee beans in the whole world.

7. I accidentally tripped on the cord of my old table lamp and hurt my toes. The poor lamp disintegrated into pieces! I felt sad because it was one of the few pieces that I left behind when I traveled in 2007. I kept it in Mom’s place in Cabanatuan and then took it back about a month ago. But lucky lucky me…the lamp is still working properly after I put everything back in again and hubby tried to turn it on!

8. I won the lotto! (Now, this is wishful thinking.)

Smile, rant, rave, cry, be crazy.  Life is beautiful for the most parts!


This is not a paid blog.


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The butterfly grows on my back.

Saturday was fun. Met up, for the first time, with my online buddies who share one of my passions: photography. We went to Fort Santiago but were unfortunately not allowed inside–this is a long story and may cover an entire page of a blog–so we just went to Intramuros and then Baywalk. I remembered how I miss watching the sunset. I was clicking and clicking even if the sun was still quite harsh…I know this is bad for my lens. But who cares? And then a couple of tattoo artists began installing their makeshift booth. Hmmm, this is getting more interesting. I haggled for a 100-peso butterfly design and decided to have it done on my back. I sat while I imagined myself as the painter…people stared at my back (or maybe the evolution of the butterfly or…both) but I didn’t care. The artist was telling me, “stop moving or we won’t finish” so I tried to sit still and endured the feeling of being stared at.

Ahhh…the butterfly was finally growing on my back and when it was over, I stood up, happy that it was over. I love my butterfly. Now it is a part of me. It will fade one day day but I won’t forget the simple joys of becoming a human canvass.


A hug from a stranger

The sun still refuse to set. I waited with my camera, silently, as if waiting for a lover. Then a group of Korean guys approached me and asked me to take their pictures (through a combination of sign language and little English). I happily obliged…but I realized this was tough. Their backs were against the late but still blazing sun and there was no way my (still limited) photography skills can make their faces appear on this shot. I told them it’s hard, the sun is at your back. They just nodded their heads and posed..and so I continued and took their photos. I think they didn’t care at all. They’re just happy being together, enjoying Manila Bay and its famous sunset and maybe having photos that may eventually end up in their deleted files. But oh, I got a sweet gift. This was unexpected. One of them went to me and hugged me! No words, no nothing, just the beauty of a simple hug. Who can beat that? Maybe he can’t speak in English but for me, he just told me one of the biggest thank you’s I’ve ever heard in my entire life.



“This is a microcosm of Philippine society,” I thought aloud inside my friend’s car as we weaved out of Baclaran Church. It’s past midnight. Another friend was talking endlessly about the cute guys we saw around the Church. And sex. Around us were merchants, devouts, cigarette vendors, pirated DVDs stores, chauffer-driven luxury cars, and bibingka stalls. I am part of this but I am not. I found myself but I am lost. I remembered the candles I lighted. The prayers I whispered. Next week, same time, I will come again.



For two days I didn’t go out of my house. I worked and read and wrote and read again. I seemed to have immersed myself in so much solitude and reading that I may have forgotten to eat voraciously (as usual) as I lost two pounds (yehey!). I had fever when I woke up this morning. It was so cold last night. My world was so silent. I received text messages and knew I should go out and be a part of humanity again, to be confused again, to laugh again, to believe again, to celebrate again. My solitary days will soon be over. My friends miss me and I miss them. I am back. I am back.


“Artists don’t sleep…

…they just close their eyes.” I just suddenly blurted this out one night when my friends were leaving my place and said something about me looking like I am already very sleepy. I don’t know why I said that. Sometimes I just say things and realize that they don’t make sense and yet, they make sense. You know what I mean? Sometimes these words just happen. Like moments in our lives that just happen. I promised myself I’ll always try my best to write more. To write about these moments more. To embrace my life more. To take photos more. To understand my life more. To become a better friend. A better lover. A better daughter. A better sister. A better artist. It’s past 2:00 am as I type this. I must be inspired. Or maybe the 2-day seclusion did my soul some good.



Sometimes I don’t understand you. I give myself to you completely but sometimes I don’t like you at all. You are my joys yet you are my pains. You are my growth but you are my destruction. You are my strength but you are my weakness. You are my light but you are my darkness. You are that comforting voice in the middle of the storm but you are the noise in my deepest solitude. I don’t love you but I love you.

[Re-post of a blog dated January 30, 2007 (from my previous site).] 


This is not a paid blog.

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