El Rio Eco-Farm & Resort (Announcement)

The Vision

The El Rio Eco-farm and Resort is planned to be a world class sustainable farm and resort bordering the clean and beautiful Diaman River in Barangay Debucao, Maria Aurora, in the province of Aurora.

Developments will begin in 2019 (in case the 9.7 hectare land envisioned for it will not be sold this year).

The resort will have private & cluster villas and individual rooms. The private villas will follow distinct design and architectural inspirations from different cultures such as Filipino, Japanese, Mediterranean, Asian-Balinese, and Greek.

Meanwhile, the farm will practice organic and sustainable farming methods to produce fruits and vegetables that will be enjoyed by the guests and sold in local and international markets.

Also envisioned to be built in another location—about 45 minutes away—is a retirement resort where residents will enjoy nature at its best, friendly community atmosphere, comfortable accommodation, and holistic approach to wellness. They will have multiple activities to choose from to make their twilight years active and meaningful. Twenty four-seven (24/7) private nurses may be requested but an in-house medical doctor shall always be available.

Where we are

We are now undertaking a feasibility study and plan to share our journey through Mei’s blog as we go along the path of building this world-class ecological farm, resort, and retirement haven.

Who we are

We are a husband (JR) and wife (Mei) team, doing our best to make a difference. We are not first-time entrepreneurs and had been quite ‘scarred’ in the past by challenges but those experiences are our stepping stones that are making us wiser. We know there will still be challenges ahead but we have reached this point where we are more confident than ever of God’s continuing graces and light. If the lands will not be sold this year, then, it is God’s answer to our question, “Shall we do this?”!

Professionally, I (Mei) is an environmental and social development specialist with a Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management and BA Development Studies degrees. Meanwhile, I (JR) completed BS Management Accounting and Commercial Cooking NC II (TESDA-certified). Mei will manage design, environmental, and human resources requirements while JR will be in-charge of financial planning, operations, and culinary requirements.

Our moms (Mom and her best friend, Linda, in their 70s and 80s) are retired teachers and among the core reasons for the establishment of this resort. We want to honor our Mom, Flor, for this land is her inheritance from her parents and all her life, dreamt of developing this. We the children are all city-bred and, therefore, while I (Mei) grew up feeling a deep affinity to the land, I also felt I was not (yet) ready for the huge task. However, this year, we felt it is a good time to pursue Mom’s dream as well as ensure that she—along with Mommy Linda—will enjoy their twilight years being closer to God and his gifts of creation.

Flor and Linda are envisioned to participate  in the building of this dream by allowing them to assist in the landscaping and gardening requirements. After all, despite their ages, they are still very strong!

Community solidarity

El Rio is also for the people of Aurora, Flor’s birthplace and where she spent all her adult years as a public school teacher. After the eco-farm and resort is firmly established (or even before operations!), we intend to develop livelihood projects for the people, aside from hiring local talents for the operations of the eco-farm and resort. We envision creating world-class products with most if not all raw materials  to be sourced locally and for which I (Mei) will be the lead designer.

 Partner with us!

We are now seeking potential partners and investors. Young architecture graduates are also welcome to send us a pitch on the design work. Please drop us an email through the Contact page in Meilbox or through daughter.of.aurora[at]gmail.com.

May the spirit of JOYS, LOVE, PEACE, and ABUNDANCE always accompany you!

El Rio Eco-Farm & Resort -   For THAT vacation you would not want to end!

El Rio Eco-Farm & Resort – For THAT vacation you would not want to end! [Image by M. Velas-Suarin]

 If you want to download this post as a PDF document, please click, El Rio EcoFarm & Resort_Announcement Blog Post.

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