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There is poetry in every moment

There is poetry in every moment. [Photo, text, and calligraphy by Mary Anne Velas-Suarin]

There is poetry in every moment. [Photo, text, and calligraphy by Mary Anne Velas-Suarin]

I have fulfilled  another dream of mine–and that’s to learn calligraphy. This is not yet a perfect work but I am very grateful just for the journey of taking the first steps. I that hope this postcard will inspire you to learn a new skill, take up a new hobby, or simply appreciate every moment of your life.

Have a beautiful life!

P.s. Thanks to Riza of SCRIBE Writing Essentials in Shangrila Mall for assisting me as I looked for the right tools for my first attempts at calligraphy. Thank you again, Riza! I wish you joys and fulfillment of your dreams.

Note on copyright: What is posted here is mine including the text of the postcard but I cannot guarantee that it is the first time that this sentence was ever said. :) It is what I had been thinking of while I was doing my “baby steps” in calligraphy and my sincere apologies if someone else had already thought about this very same thing.


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A simple Lenten prayer

FOODfortheSOUL_by meiLBOX_Lenten reflectionThis Lenten break, let us devote some quiet time to reflect and give thanks and honor to our greatest Creator.  Let us renew our faiths, in whatever religion we belong or subscribe to, knowing that the Spirit unites us all.

Please watch out for more foodFORtheSOUL by meiLBOX series of inspirational cards. Keep them in your pockets or hang them on your walls.

Peace and love, to you all! God bless! Namaste!