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I believe in doing our share in protecting the environment so I have chosen it to be at the core of my profession (and my personal mission!). This photo above was taken during one of my field works in an air quality monitoring program, using Summa-type canister and (USEPA) TO-15 method. :)

Thank you for the gift of your visit! :)

I would probably enjoy being a real post/mail(wo)man but God has other plans for me. :) …and so I earn a living through engagements in the environment and social development, and energy sectors.

I have great dreams for this country. I want less children on the streets and more in schools. I want better leaders and politicians. Although I personally enjoy working/living abroad and embracing new cultures, I want more jobs for Filipinos here, not elsewhere. I want lesser traffic and cleaner air. I want lesser reliance on fossil fuels and more on renewable energies. I want lesser number of beauty contests but more competitions in the Math and Sciences.

My husband and partner in life, JR, is my best friend and my biggest fan (even if I have zero talent in the kitchen). He will allow me to own dogs, hens, and even an elephant. There is one hen I will call Granny-Nok, the grandmother of the whole clan, and the one hen he cannot ever ever turn into adobo or tinola! ;D

I dabble in photography, painting, and calligraphy. I find great joys in reading so if you have a list of must-read books, please tell me about it! I enjoy traveling and had been blessed with the chances to live and work in Bangladesh and Cambodia. I will always be in awe of the beauty and mystery of this world, the works of talented artisans and authors, and heritage structures and temples.

I believe in a non-discriminating God. In the goodness of man. And in the little things that truly matter.

P.s. Please stay a little bit longer? Some of my photo works are in the Gallery page. :) For a copy of my 1-page professional profile, please click this: VELAS-SUARIN_Profile_1-Jun-2018

My Mom hails from Aurora where you can still wade in crystal-clear rivers. These are my and JR’s feet–see how clear the water is? :) If you want to know more about Aurora, look for my posts about it here in meiLBOX as well as the “Mom Love” page (we’re selling Mom’s lands but entertain a Plan B also so check out the “El Rio” page, too).

My pet, Dinger, certainly knows how to be cute. ;) (Seriously, this photo won 2nd place in a contest organized by Southeast Asia-Globe Magazine in Cambodia, November 2007 Issue)

There is magic everywhere. Believe in happiness! (Photo taken in Angkor Wat grounds. This is not photoshopped–there are really two “windows” on this part of the wall.)

8 thoughts on “Get to know the meiL(wo)MAN”

  1. nice work you got here Mei, yes, indeed Germany and Cambodia are sure nice places to visit. been there too several times and really like them. wish that you could also promote our society, to the blogging community.

    write on and show those pictures! you’re truly blest with artistic talents.


  2. wonderful articles Mei. You write very well. May I invite you to be a guest writer on my upcoming blog on business and the environment – to be launched on Earth Day?

    1. Wow, thanks Sec Vince! Yes, I will be honored to be one of your guest writers! :) Please give me a deadline or suggested topic, if any. :) Happy for you! I will be your regular reader. Have fun blogging!

    1. Oh this is so sweet and thoughtful! Thank you so much, Mr. Smith! I am so honored and humbled that you visited my site. As we know in our hearts, our talents are all from our Greatest Source–we are just the medium. So yes, all credits go to Him! I am blessed that our paths crossed in cyberspace. Perhaps, there is a message somewhere. :) I pray for you as you continue to share your blessings and wisdom! Thanks so much from all you’ve touched!

  3. Hi Ma’am Mei,

    I am Fides Anne J. Molina,former administrative assistant at the Sustainable Sanitation in East Asia (SuSEA) project at Coffey International Development. It’s my first time to visit your site. The articles you’ve wrote are nice. For me, the article that i appreciate most is the article about the health and wellness/the benefits of bananas.

    1. Hello Fides! I am so happy to hear from you! Thank you so much for those very kind words. I am full of gratitude. I hope you are doing well! Yes, eat more bananas! :) Kamote is also very good. I am trying to substitute kamote for rice now and so far, I am really satisfied and don’t really miss rice so much! :) Take care and enjoy your weekend! God bless you always!

  4. Ma’am, your welcome po. I already tried eating kamote once. But, i missed eating rice. Hehehe. Since my current job is a combination of physical and mental tasks, i need to eat more rice so that i can regain my energy. :)

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