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Thank you for the gift of your visit and welcome to meiLBOX! :)

What is inside your mailbox?

What is inside your mailbox? Come, join me in spreading love, writing letters, and planting trees!

As you will notice, I  have played around with my nickname, Mei, and the word mailbox. Through meiLBOX, I hope to inspire you to plant trees and continue the art of letter-writing using your old, trusty pen and a clean and crispy paper that smells of home–where love and joys are bountiful.

The sending of letters and gifts through the good old mailboxes should not be completely relegated to the past when there was no internet and email yet, right?

Through meiLBOX, I also hope to contribute to discourses on environment (and climate change!), social development, culture, history, and current events. I would also once in a while write about personal experiences and travels (and share photos) as I look forward to hearing about yours, too. I am interested to know what is inside your box, too! :)

Please don’t forget to drop by The meiLBOX 5+1 Project page and challenge yourself to write letters and plant trees!

Happy reading and have a good life! Namaste!

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Note on my previous sites and the header:  This is a reconstruction of my previous blog sites, meilbox.asyanna.com and meivelas.wordpress.com so some posts there had already been moved here. The image in the header is my attempt at watercolor painting after more than 10 years of not even touching a pencil! [I intend to reconnect more to my artistic muse so, hopefully, the header will improve a bit in the near future...wink! wink!]

I want to thank the following talented artists for the sources of inspiration for my drawing: Pat Achilles and Suzie Althens for their sketches/paintings of mailboxes and Kathy Lees for her sketch of a Cherry Blossoms tree. I would also like to thank Joan of For the Love of a House site for her nice mailbox! I had first planned to borrow the photo of her vintage mailbox but later decided to do it the hard way by doing my own sketch. Nevertheless, she was so kind and gracious enough to allow me to borrow it. Thank you, Joan, for sharing your beautiful house with your readers! You really inspire a lot of people when it comes to envisioning their dream houses! Thank you so much, all you beautiful women, Pat, Suzie, Kathy, and Joan! God bless you all!

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