Connect and learn with us! [The image here is a screenshot of our FB Page.]

Landscape ecology page in Facebook!

This will just be a very quick post as I am in the middle of work deadlines, business affairs, school work, and personal and domestic errands (whew!). I also just came back from a short trip to Iloilo City (one of my favorite places down south) and our project team needs to work on important deliverables. I wish everyone–who is also experiencing hectic schedules–positive energies and strength! May we all accomplish our goals for the week and the months and years ahead!

Connect and learn with us! [The image here is a screenshot of our FB Page.]

Connect and learn with us! [The image here is a screenshot of our FB Page.]

Anyway, I am happy to share with you that our Landscape Ecology class in UPOU* has developed a Facebook page called Leaders and Learners for Landscape Ecology! It is devoted to discussions on landscape ecology and environment in general.  [Update: The original site was created and administered by a fellow graduate student (who seems to be very passionate about the environment!), Mr. Anton Antonio, however, we had experienced problems in accessing it the past month so we have created a new page.] For this academic year, I was invited by Sir Jun (Dr. Inocencio Buot Jr., Dean of the Faculty of Management and Development Studies of the UPOU) to help in managing it. I am both pleased and humbled to take on this role and hope to be able to help in small ways in promoting deeper love for Mother Earth, through this FB page. I must also mention my classmate, Ruen Balmores, who volunteered to help me out in managing the site. He is, in fact, overseas so his gesture to help means a lot. Thank you so much, Anton, Dean Jun, and Ruen! Mabuhay kayong lahat!

I won’t keep you so you still have time to visit the page! Please visit it and know more about landscape ecology, climate change, and the environment and connect with like-minded citizens. We will also be happy if you can send questions, comments, and suggestions.

Caring for the environment is the best way to show our love to our fellow brothers and sisters. Most importantly, when we care for the environment, it shows how much we appreciate our roots and our greatest Source.


*I am currently taking the course, Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management (MENRM).


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